How do I set up early bird tickets?

Early bird tickets are a great way to get people to purchase tickets sooner! To set up early bird tickets first go to the Details tab of your event. 

Then click edit for the ticket type you wish to make early bird.

In the More Options section select the Limit sales dates box. 

Next you will set up the date and time you wish this ticket type to be sold. The end date designates when sales for this ticket type will automatically stop (ending the early bird price). It is suggested to include "early bird" in the ticket type's name so ticket buyers are aware they are getting a special price!

Continue this process for any other early bird tickets you would like to set up.

When you set up your regularly-priced tickets, make the start date and time the same as the end date and time of your early bird tickets. That way, as soon as your early bird tickets sales end, your regularly priced tickets will automatically go on sale. 

Continue these steps until your regularly-priced tickets are set up. Here is an example of how your ticket types could look:

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