How do I connect my Ticketleap account to my Zapier account?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect your Ticketleap account with any of Zapier's 750+ integrated apps. 

Our Zapier integration is currently in BETA (so any feedback is appreciated). You can access the Ticketleap Trigger in Zapier by following this link and logging into your Zapier account. 

In order to connect your Ticketleap account with your Zapier account you will need your Private API Key. To access your Private API Key go to Settings and then Private API Key.



In the Request a Private API Key field simply type "Zapier" and then click the Request a Key button.


You will immediately be given your private API key. You will copy this key and paste it into Zapier. 


You can choose between three Triggers to set up your Zap. It's up you which triggers you want to use and how to automate the information we provide you. The three triggers are New Order Placed, New Ticket Purchased and New Event Created. See below what information you get with each trigger and choose one that meets your needs

Get New Order

  • net proceeds
  • buyer paid
  • ticketleap fee
  • proceeds
  • buyer city
  • buyer region
  • tracking code
  • currency
  • total
  • id
  • utc purchase time
  • buyer_country
  • face value
  • fees
  • billing country
  • purchase point
  • ticket types
  • buyer street address
  • buyer postal code
  • buyer questions
    • Question
    • Value
  • buyer email
  • order method
  • num tickets
  • billing postal code
  • discount amount
  • buyer first name
  • buyer last name
  • payment type
  • buyer phone

Get New Event

  • organization slug
  • event page url
  • hashtag text
  • accent color
  • venue city
  • id
  • venue timezone
  • venue street
  • venue name
  • organization name
  • venue postal code
  • venue country code
  • number of performances
  • description
  • venue region name
  • earliest end local
  • slug
  • name
  • created utc

Get New Ticket

  • buyer first name
  • buyer last name
  • buyer email address
  • confirmation number
  • event url
  • organization
  • attendee questions
  • Answer
  • Question
  • attendee last name
  • attendee first name
  • order id
  • section
  • seat
  • ticket type
  • performance start
  • face price
  • paid by buyer
  • performance end
  • id
  • event
  • row

Note, if the buyer does not assign an attendee to the ticket, no information will be pulled in for Attendee First Name or Attendee Last Name.

Setting up Your Zap

To set up your Zap first login to your Zapier account and click Make A Zap. 


Next, select one of the triggers provided by Ticketleap.


Then click Connect a New Account. 


Paste your Private API key in the prompt. This will connect your Ticketleap account to your Zapier account. 


Rename the account if you like and then click Test. You should receive a green Success! message.



Once your Trigger is set up, the next step is to choose an Action. Choose an app you would like send your Ticketleap information to (MailChimp, Slack, Google Sheets ext.). Once you set this up, the upfront work is done and your Ticketleap information will automatically push to the app of your choosing. 

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