How do I edit an event date?

Please note, this article is only intended for event organizers/ticket sellers that are editing the date of their event. If you are a ticket buyer and you are looking for a refund or exchange for your ticket order please go here.

If you've sold a ticket, but want to edit the date on your event, you'll need to get in touch with us first. If you're event is being rescheduled, please email us at and we can edit it for you right away. We'll confirm you've been in touch with your ticket buyers and confirm your refund policy with you. 

If your event took place, but you are hosting another event, please try cloning your event instead of changing the date. This will keep your sales numbers correct, as well as any other reporting you'll want to take a look at. It also keeps everything straight for our accounting department as well!

If you have not sold any tickets to your event you can edit the date by visiting the Details tab for the event.


From the Details click the Edit option next to the existing date if your event only has one date or hit the dropdown arrow next to the date and click Edit Dates if your event has more than one date.

Event with one date19d607ce-48cd-4540-951d-cec41c076985.png

Event with more than one date


Once the editing window has opened make the desired updates and hit Save Changes.

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