How do I edit an event date?

Whoa, there! If you've sold a ticket, but want to edit the date on your event, we'd like to get in touch.

If you're event was cancelled and you are rescheduling it, please give us a call 215.525.1300 and we can edit it for you right away. We'll confirm you've been in touch with your ticket buyers and confirm your refund policy with you. 

If your event took place, but you are hosting another event, please try cloning your event instead of changing the date. This will keep your sales numbers correct, as well as any other reporting you'll want to take a look at. It also keeps everything straight for our accounting department as well!

By cloning an event, most of the event set up work is already done. First, click the Events tab on your dashboard. In the event listings, click the Clone button. 

Please note, for a multiple-date event, click the "+" button located next to the number of dates to see the Clone button.

Next, enter the new event name, event URL and start/end date and times. Then, click the Create button.

Finally, you will see a pop-up window that gives the details about which features have been imported to the new event. To complete the cloning process, click the Manage New Event button and you're all set. 

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