How to hold seats in a seating chart

If you need to hold seats for your event, for comped tickets, special seating requests etc., you can certainly do so. The most important thing to know about holding seats is to hold seats at the EVENT LEVEL and NOT the venue level if you want to be able to change that hold status in the future. While sometimes it is necessary to hold seats at the venue level please keep in mind this cannot be undone once you start selling tickets so only do so if you are comfortable never changing the hold status.

Hold Seats at the Event Level

To hold seats first go to the Events tab from your dashboard and then click Manage for your event. 


Next, go to the Held Seats tab. Select the section/table within which you need to hold seats. Then select the seat and change the availability to Box Office Only or Unavailable. Include a reason for better tracking. 


Hold Seats at the Venue Level - this is permanent 

Only hold seats at the venue level if you plan to never sell these seats (i.e. totally obstructed view). If you make a seat unavailable from the venue level, once you start selling tickets you will not be able to make this seat available. 

If you do need to make seats unavailable from the venue level go to Tools and then Seating Charts. Then select the section and click Edit. Next click the individual seat within the section and change the availability. 




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