Using Ticketleap & My Pass Tracker

You can integrate your Ticketleap account with My Pass Tracker to allow for scanning of season passes or multiple day tickets to an event or festival. 

To do so you should first have your Ticketleap event created with a season pass ticket type or event.

After you've created your event and ticket type you should then sign up for a My Pass Tracker account by visiting their website. After you have a My Pass Tracker account you need to follow their Ticketleap setup instructions from their help page. If you have any trouble setting up this connection you can contact My Pass Tracker via the information on their home page.

After following the provided instructions the two systems will be integrated and any season pass you sell on Ticketleap will automatically be sent to My Pass Tracker to allow you to scan the season passes on multiple dates via the My Pass Tracker app.

Please note, My Pass Tracker may not be a fit for all season events or festivals. If you'd like to inquire more about My Pass Tracker and if it can help your event, you can contact them via the contact information on their home page.

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