What is Rokt? I received an email from Rokt after I signed up to an offer on Ticketleap.

Rokt enhances your ticket-purchasing journey with personalized suggestions. Think exclusive VIP seat upgrades or a thrilling rideshare trial – they've got it all! If you've ever received an email from Rokt, chances are you stumbled upon an offer that piqued your interest and decided to explore further.

Is the offer I saw on the confirmation page real?

Yes, the offers are real! Ticketleap rewards customers like you with offers from brands as a thank you for your purchase. Any offer you see on the confirmation page after you complete a purchase comes from a trusted brand. Just click “yes” on any of the offers to learn more.

Will there be more offers the next time I purchase? What are the upcoming offers?

Yes, when you purchase on Ticketleap we reward you with offers from leading brands. These offers can change at any time, based on what each brand is offering.

Need a Breather? Unsubscribe!

If the excitement wanes, unsubscribing is a breeze. Hit the unsubscribe button in your email or shoot Rokt a message at support@rokt.com.  Please allow up to 48 hours for the unsubscribe magic to happen.

Missed out on the Offer?

No worries – Rokt's got your back! Connect with them at support@rokt.com,  share the details of the offer you signed up for, and they'll send a new one your way.

Voucher Troubles?

Voucher not playing nice? Drop a line to Rokt at support@rokt.com, provide the scoop on the voucher, and they’ll send you a new one.

Your Data, Your Business

Concerned about your data? Fret not! Rokt handles your info with the utmost care. Check out their privacy policy for further details.

Connecting with Rokt

Need to chat with Rokt? Ping them at support@rokt.com. Visit rokt.com for any additional information.

GDPR? Rokt's Got It Covered!

Wondering about GDPR? Rokt's on it! They're GDPR-compliant and stay on top of their game with constant updates. If you’d like to learn more about Rokt’s GDPR compliance, please visit their GDPR page.

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