Can I purchase tickets for multiple events in one transaction?

There may be a time when an event organizer is hosting more than one event you would like to attend. Since the events are hosted by the same event organizer it makes sense to purchase all your tickets at once.

First, add the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase from the first event page to your shopping cart by either clicking Add to Cart or clicking Checkout. Even if the event organizer has not enabled a shopping cart, you can still purchase tickets to multiple events and you won't have to checkout right away. 

If you click Checkout you are brought to the checkout page. You can still add more tickets to your order. Just head back to the event page by clicking on the event title under Order Info on the right side of the page. Don't worry, by leaving the checkout page you won't lose the tickets you just selected, we promise!

After clicking on the event title, you'll be brought back to the event page where you can click the Other Events link next to the event organization's name. By clicking Other Events, you will be taken to the event organization's landing page where you can view their entire listings of events. You will also see in the top right corner of the page that you will have a quantity in your shopping cart.  

From here click the next event you would like to purchase tickets to.

Repeat the same steps for adding tickets to your cart for additional event(s). All tickets will be listed in your shopping cart as detailed by the cart screen. Once you have selected all the events that you wish to purchase tickets for, click the Checkout button to complete your purchase. On the checkout page you will have an opportunity to look over your order and verify you have all the tickets you want to purchase. 

Looking for a refund? You'll need to contact the event organizer. 

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