How do I use Selfie Tickets to check-in at an event?

Selfie Tickets are a new kind of ticket -- more fun and friendly than the barcode type. Selfie Tickets feature YOU; your face becomes the key feature of your ticket. 

In order to take advantage of using Selfie Tickets you'll need to download the Ticketleap App for either an iOS or Android device.

Note: While the app is available for phones and tablets, Selfie Tickets are really a phone thing (carrying your phone to an event is more convenient than carrying your tablet, anyway). Consequently, Selfie Tickets aren’t available for iPad users. You can, however, use an iPod touch but you’ll need an internet connection to create your ticket.

24 hours prior to the event starting, you'll receive an email informing you that you can now check-in by creating your Selfie Ticket. 

What should I know before I “selfie” my ticket?

To selfie your ticket means to create a ticket by taking a selfie and saving it to the ticket. All of this happens through the Ticketleap app.

You cannot selfie your ticket until 24 hours before the event. At that point, we’ll send you an email letting you know that it’s selfie time.

Don’t selfie a ticket unless you plan to use it! If the ticket is for someone else, send it to them so they can selfie it. Once selfied, a ticket cannot be sent to someone else.

What if I don’t have a compatible iOS or Android device? The event may also offer barcode tickets. You can check by going to the order confirmation page (to find this, sign in at and then click My Tickets under My Account OR search for the order confirmation email from Ticketleap and follow the link in that email). If barcode tickets are enabled, you can download your barcode ticket from there. If they are not, the event creator will probably have an alternative check-in option available at the event, like to look you up by name. If you have any concerns, we recommend you contact the event organizer.

To get started, first open the Ticketleap app on your smart device and log in. If you already have a buyer account, use your password and email address to log in. If you do not already have a buyer account, please check your email verification of your order, you will find a temporary username and password. Select the event that you wish to Selfie, and tap Take Selfie (you also have the option to email the ticket to another event goer). 


Below is an example.

When you arrive at the event, open the Ticketleap App and tap View Ticket. Your Selfie ticket will appear and you are good to go!

Looking for a refund? You'll need to contact the event organizer. 

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