Why should I use Ticketleap Payments?

While it's totally up to you which payment processor you would like the use there are a few really, really good reasons to use Ticketleap Payments

Pass all of the fees to the Buyer

With Ticketleap Payments all fees can be passed off the buyer. If you use PayPal or Authorize.net you'll be charged a fee directly from them to use their services also. 

Lower Cost

We offer a 3% credit card processing fee. PayPal’s credit card processing fee for most users is 2.9% + a $.30 per transaction (contact PayPal for more information your fee amount). Quick math will tell you that using Ticketleap Payments is almost always more cost-effective option.

Smoother Purchasing Experience

We are pretty great at mitigating risk. PayPal does a good job too, but they aren't built specifically for events like Ticketleap Payments. This makes the purchasing experiencing smooth for buyers and sellers. That means more tickets sold and less stress for you.

Sell ‘Em At The Door

If you want to use Ticketleap’s mobile box office and sell tickets at the door, you must use Ticketleap Payments. Believe it or not, PayPal’s 24-hour “pending purchase” window doesn’t allow for last minute ticket sales at all.

Better Refunds

Since you're funds are already within Ticketleap, refunds are very easy. You won't have to deal with a third party to access your money for a refund. It’s just easier with Ticketleap Payments. Way easier.

You will receive you payments 4-7 business days after your event if you use direct deposit, or 7-10 business days if you are getting paid by check. If you need to get your funds before your event, no problem! Learn more about Ticketleap Fast Pay

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