How do I set up direct deposit?

By setting up your payment method as direct deposit you will get your funds faster than if a check was mailed to you. Once you have set up direct deposit you will be asked to verify your account. Currently, direct deposit is only available for our US clients. 

To set up direct deposit, first hover over the Settings tab and select Payment Processing.

Under the Ticketleap Payments subcategory, set the Delivery Method to Direct Deposit.

Enter your bank account information and save changes.

Verifying your bank account

We deposit a small amount into your bank account. You then enter that amount within Ticketleap. From the day you initially enter your direct deposit information, it typically takes 2-5 business days to see the test deposit in your bank account. Once you see your test deposit in your bank account, enter that amount in the blank box on your dashboard and click Verify. Then you should get an alert letting you know that you've successfully verified your bank account.

Once your bank account is verified within Ticketleap, you are all set! You will receive your funds into you bank account 4-7 business days after your event. Or, you can signup for Ticketleap FastPay and get your funds before your event!  

If you have verified your bank account after your event, please contact us at once the account has been verified. Once you let us know that your account has been verified, our finance department will be able to issue payment.

*Please note: you DO NOT have to wait until your bank account is verified to start selling tickets. You can sell tickets right away -- you just won't receive your funds from ticket sales until after your bank account is verified. 

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