How do I use the Ticketleap Box Office?

With Ticketleap's box office you can sell tickets to your event at the door and even send comped tickets. This allows you to admit people up to the start of your event and even during your event! The Ticketleap Box Office works with Ticketleap Payments and You cannot sell tickets through the Box Office if you use PayPal as your payment processor, but you can still scan attendees into your event.

You will first need to set up Registration questions for your event. What information do you want to collect from your attendees? (Name, email, phone number, etc.) Create a custom check-out form before you start selling tickets at the gate.

To start using your Box Office first place your cursor over the Box Office tab and select Ticket Sales.

Choose the event you want to sell tickets to. Select the number of tickets they wish to purchase and the specific seats (if the Reserved Seating function is enabled) and click Add to Cart.

Make sure to apply any discount codes (if applicable). You can also edit the number of tickets for the order during this step as well. Fill in all appropriate event goer information then click the Checkout button.

Select how the patron will be paying, and enter their name and email address. Continue with the payment process of their choice. You can swipe a credit card, enter a credit card number, or pay with cash or check. Please note that if you are processing the transaction via credit card, the 3% processing fee will be paid by you, the seller, and not added on to the buyer's order.

From the sale completion page, you can click View E-Tickets to download the ticket or View Hard Tickets if you are using a Boca Printer, Check-In All tickets, Download the Receipt, or you can start working on your next order! The patron will also receive an email confirming their order along with a link to download and print their ticket.


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