How do I sell tickets with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

When selling tickets on-site at your event with Ticketleap's mobile box office, all you need is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the Ticketleap app installed on the device, an internet connection and maybe a credit card swiper if you choose to use one. 

Please note that the Box Office Processing Fee is the only fee assessed for sales in this method and that fee is always paid by you, the event organizer as in many cases you cannot charge a buyer more for making a purchase with a credit card rather than with cash. 

First open the Ticketleap app and log in to your account. Use the same login credentials as you would when accessing you account on a computer.

All currently on sale events will appear on your screen. First, choose the event you are selling tickets for.

Next, tap the ticket types the event goer is purchasing. Each time you tap the ticket type, another ticket will be added to the cart. You will see the ticket quantities and the dollar amount for the order.

Once you are satisfied with the tickets selected for the event goer, tap the Checkout button.

Enter all required information for your customer and then at the bottom of the page tap NEXT > PAY.

If you are using the Ticketleap Merchant Account, Ticketleap Payments or, you can process a credit card by either swiping the credit card with a compatible credit card swiper or by entering the credit card number manually. You can choose to accept cash or check with any merchant account. 

Finally, you may redeem the tickets and check-in the event goers, by tapping Check In. If you have a printer connected you can print tickets, or move onto another order by tapping Sell More Tickets

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