What card readers are supported with iOS?

The Ticketleap app for iOS supports two card swipers for devices running iOS 12 and higher, the ID TechUniMag II and the iMag Pro 2 card readers. Review the details below for the credit card swipers and find the one that works on your device. If you purchase the wrong swiper or attempt to use a swiper with an adapter your device may not read cards properly.

  • If your iOS device has the Lightening port you must use the iMag Pro 2 Connector for iOS. 
  • If your iOS device has a traditional headphone port and does not have a Lightening port you can use the ID TechUniMag II Card Reader (ID-80110008-001). Please be sure that you have the volume turned all the way up on your iOS device before connecting this swiper to ensure it works properly.

After obtaining your proper credit card swiper you will be able to sell tickets in our app using an iPhone or an iPad.

Please note, individual performance may vary based on device, operating software, network connection, hardware, any adapters used to connect devices and other factors. As such, we cannot verify performance with every individual device & credit card swiper.

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