What are the different ways I can check-in attendees?

Good news: you've got options. There are three ways to check event goers into your event and you can decide which one works best for you. 

Mobile Check-In

  • Use an iOS or Android device to scan QR codes on each ticket.

  • What's required: mobile devices (iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, Android phones) running iOS 15 and higher on all iOS devices or version 9 or higher for Android devices and a strong Internet connection.

Box Office Check-In

  • Login to your Ticketleap account and use the Ticketleap Box Office Check-In Attendees feature on a laptop or computer. To check in attendees, manually type in attendees' information, or use a mobile device with the Ticketleap app to scan tickets. Alternatively, you could use a handheld USB barcode scanner if you already have one, but it's not necessary. 

  • What's required: a laptop or computer and a strong internet connection. 

Attendee List Check-In

  • Download and print a CSV (Excel) copy of your attendee list. Check off each event goer as they enter your event. 

  • Tip: Any tickets purchased after you download your list won't be on the attendee list. If you're okay with this, there's no need to stop sales. If you are concerned and want to have the complete list of all ticket sales, then you should stop sales right before you print your attendee list. If you do this, we suggest downloading and printing your list as close to your event start time as you can to avoid missing out on last minute ticket sales.  

  • What's required: a printer to print off the attendee list and a pen!

Other Check-In Tips

  • Test your equipment at least a week prior to your event to ensure you have enough time to diagnose and fix any potential issues. This includes ensuring you have a strong Internet connection and checking your barcode scanners. 

  • Be sure the staff working the door at your event knows you are collecting tickets from Ticketleap and how to redeem them. Make sure they know what a barcode ticket looks like

  • If an event goer forget their barcode ticket, don't stress! You can find them easily through any of our check-in methods by asking for the name or email address of the event goer or the ticket purchaser. 

How to Check In Event Goers Who Forgot Their Barcode Ticket

  • Mobile Apps: click Menu and then Search. Type in the attendee's name, or email address, or the name or email of the person who purchased the ticket.

  • Box Office: Type in the attendee's name, email address or name or email of the person who purchased the ticket.

  • Attendee List: along with each ticket confirmation code, you will also have the buyer/attendee name, email address, ticket type, date of purchase, buyer mobile number, and answers to any questions you’ve set up on your purchase check-out form.

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