What are Selfie Tickets and how do I use them?

If you want a way to check tickets at the door but don’t want to scan QR codes, Selfie Tickets might be a good option. Selfie Tickets allow you to get event goers into your event the fastest!

What is a Selfie Ticket?

A Selfie Ticket is a digital ticket to your event with the ticket holder’s picture (their “selfie”) embedded in it. The ticket is created and displayed within the Ticketleap mobile app, available for both Android and iOS.  

Just like any other ticket, event goers can present it at the door to validate that they are a ticket holder.

Using the app to create a Selfie Ticket is a simple process that can help build excitement leading up to the event. It’s also a fun and friendly way to welcome people into your event.

What’s the process for the event goer?

The event goer buys a ticket via your Ticketleap event page. Then:

  • Ticketleap sends the event goer an email with instructions to download and log into the app (they will also see these instructions on the confirmation page immediately following checkout).
  • 24 hours before the event start time, event goers will be prompted to create their Selfie Ticket.
  • The event goer will use the app to take a “selfie” -- a photo of themselves from their phone -- and the app will create their secure, unique ticket.
  • At the event, the event goer will display this ticket from the app. You can check it with a quick glance, as if it were a paper ticket or an ID.

Do all of my event goers need a smartphone to use Selfie Tickets?

Selfie Tickets can only be displayed from within the Ticketleap app, so your ticket holders will need an Android or iOS smartphone. If you’re concerned that not all of your event goers will be able to download the app, you have two good options: 

  • If someone shows up without a Selfie Ticket, check him/her in by name. To do this, YOU (not the event goers) will need at least one iOS or Android device with the Ticketleap app installed. From the app, you can look up attendees by name and check them in.
  • Before tickets go on sale, enable both Selfie and QR code tickets, allowing your event goers to chose. To do this, YOU (not the event goers) will need at least one iOS or Android device with the Ticketleap app installed. The app will allow you to scan QR codes at check-in.

Note: once an event goer has created a Selfie Ticket, their ticket will be marked as redeemed and the corresponding QR code will not scan as valid. Similarly, once a QR code has been redeemed via scanning, an event goer cannot create a Selfie Ticket. This is to ensure that each ticket can only be used once.

What if someone buys a ticket for someone else? Do Selfie Tickets still work?

Yes! The ticket buyer can easily send tickets to others. They should use the “Send to…” feature, which can be found either on the buyer’s order review page, or in the Ticketleap app.

Can Selfie Tickets be counterfeited?

Theoretically, any type of ticket can be counterfeited. But we added a number of security features to make counterfeiting quite challenging. They include difficult to reproduce animations, color variability, and visual design elements.

How will using selfie tickets affect my redemption stats?

When an event goer creates their Selfie Ticket, they are effectively redeeming their ticket. This will be reflected in the Redemption report, Data Export report and all other reporting views. For instance, in the Redemption report, you'll see a column for Selfie Redeemed, that states the total number of selfie tickets created.

Still having trouble deciding whether to enable Selfie Tickets? We have a nifty chart to help you decide which check-in option is best for you.


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