How do I delete a ticket type?

If you have not sold any tickets for the ticket type you would like to delete, then you will be able to delete that ticket type. To get started, go into your Event Home and then click the Details tab. 

If your event has more than one date and time you need to select the date and time that you're editing. To do that click on the dropdown arrow next to currently selected date and time and select the date and time you'll be editing. Please Note, if your event has more than one date and time you need to edit the ticket type individually for each date and time that you would like to update. 


After you're on the correct date or if you only have one date for your event, click on the black and white "X" next to the ticket type you need to delete. A prompt will open up, and ask "Are you sure?" If you are, click "yes." However, if you've made a mistake and clicked the wrong "X", you can still say "no", and delete a different ticket type. 

If the "X" is grayed out, then you will not be able to delete that ticket type, as a ticket has been sold at that price point. What you can do is change the visibility of the ticket type to Nowhere in order to disable sales for that particular ticket type. 

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