How does my social feed work?

Your event page's social feed makes it easy for event goers to promote your event by sharing their excitement with their networks (and potentially increase ticket sales!). If you select a hashtag for your event we will pull posts using that hashtag and they will all appear on your social feed on your event page.  

 Here are a few things you should know about the social feed:
  • Whether you set up a hashtag or not, the social feed will still exist. People who buy tickets to your event (and even people who are just browsing your event) will always have the option to write a message on the feed. 

  • If you do choose to set up a hashtag, it's important to create a unique hashtag as opposed to a general one. This will prevent your social feed from filling up with a thousand tweets that mention a #NYEparty that isn't your NYE party.  

  • You must connect a social account (Instagram or Twitter) in order to use a hashtag on your social feed. If you want to connect (AKA make visible) Facebook hashtags, you must connect your Facebook account. If you want to connect Twitter hashtags, you must connect your Twitter account. 

  • If you disconnect a social account, Ticketleap will stop pulling in new posts, but the existing posts will remain on the feed. However, if you remove the hashtag altogether, we'll remove all posts with that hashtag. And if you change the hashtag, we'll remove all previously pulled in posts and replace them with new ones. 

  • Posts from Twitter and Instagram are pulled in roughly every 15 minutes. So if someone tweets at 9:00, you could see it at 9:01, or 9:15. Don't fret if you don't see the post immediately.

To set it up, click the Social Feed tab from your event admin page and switch to On to "Your social feed is showing on your event page. Awesome!" If you want posts from social networks to be aggregated for you, you'll have to authorize one of your social networks first. 

You can choose to authorize Twitter, Instagram, or both. We recommend both for maximum buzz. Authorizing social media accounts is what gives Ticketleap the ability to pull in posts and hashtags to appear on your event page.

You can choose to enable your personal account or your organization's account. It doesn't make much of a difference which account you use, there just needs to be a connection made. 

All of the social media accounts you authorize are shown under Account Settings under My Account.

Finally add a unique hashtag that's special for your event. This will pull in posts from anyone using your hashtag, even if they are not posting directly to your social feed. 

And you're all set! Now sit back and watch your social feed fill up. If you see any posts that are inappropriate you can remove the posts from your feed. 

If you later decide you would like to turn off your social feed you can do so by selecting Off.

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