How do I integrate Dropbox with Ticketleap and subscribe to reports?

If you need to have scheduled reports sent to multiple people (like someone who does not have access to your Ticketleap account) you can integrate with Dropbox, making sharing report data very easy. 

Dropbox integration is available on all types of reports under the Reports tab (Attendee, Buyer, Redemption,Ticketleap Influence, User Influence, Traffic Sources, Transactions, Data Export and Tracking Codes). Reports are generated and delivered once a day (around 3AM).

First thing's first: create a Dropbox account. 

Select Report Subscriptions from the drop-down menu under My Account

Click the Connect to Dropbox button.

Your web browser will navigate you to Dropbox's website, where you'll need to log in if you're not logged in already. 

Once you have made the connection between Ticketleap and Dropbox, you are now set to subscribe to the reports of your choice. 

First, select which report you want to subscribe to under the Report tab.

After selecting the report you want to be sent to your Dropbox, click the Schedule Report for Delivery button.

Connect your Ticketleap account to Dropbox if you haven't already. 

Now name the report, edit the File prefix (if you choose to), select the expiration date of the report (the date when the auto-reports will stop syncing Dropbox) and then click the Subscribe button. Once you have clicked the Subscribe button, the scheduled report will be sent to your Dropbox account daily until the specified expiration date. 

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