How do I clone an event?

Yup! Cloning an event is very useful when you set up a new event that is similar to an event you have perviously set up on Ticketleap. By cloning an event the work you put in on the big stuff like setting up ticket types is already done. 

To clone an event that has more than one date please visit here.

First, click the Events tab on your dashboard. In the event listings, click the Clone button. 

For a multiple-date event, 

First click the "+" button located next to the number of dates to see the Clone button.

Next, enter the new event name, event URL and start/end date and times. Then, click the Create button.

Finally, you will see a pop-up window that gives the details about which features have been imported to the new event. To complete the cloning process, click the Manage New Event button and you're all set. 

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