How do I set up a group discount?

You can create a group discount by adding a ticket type. If you have already created an event, follow these steps.

First click the Details tab on the Event Home and then click Add A Ticket.

After clicking Add A Ticket, you can edit the group ticket type information in a new window. 

Name: name your Group ticket type. I named it "Group"

More Info: enter a description of the ticket type. I included info on the group discount

Pricing: set your ticket price at Paid. 

Price: enter the discounted dollar amount for your ticket. For example, if you want to sell 4 tickets for a total of $34 set your per ticket price at $8.50.

More Options: limit sales dates, limit inventory (the amount of tickets you want to sell) and restrict the number of tickets that a patron can purchase per order. Set the Minimum at the number of tickets a group discount becomes available. In my case 10 = a group.

Report Grouping: This optional field can be used for any purpose you desire. 

Barcode Ticket Options: if you enable barcode tickets, patrons will receive their purchased tickets in an email.

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