How do I set up a group discount?

You can create a group discount by adding a ticket type. If you have already created an event, follow these steps.

First click the Details tab on the Event Home

If your event has more than one date and time you need to select the date and time that you're adding the group ticket. To do that click on the dropdown arrow next to currently selected date and time and select the date and time you'll be adding the ticket for.


Then click Add A Ticket.


After clicking Add A Ticket, you can edit the group ticket type information in a new window. 


Dates: select the dates and times that the new ticket type will be available for.

Name: name your Group ticket type. I named it "Group"

More Info: enter a description of the ticket type. I included info on the group discount

Pricing: set your ticket price at Paid. 

Price: enter the discounted dollar amount for your ticket. For example, if you want to sell 4 tickets for a total of $34 set your per ticket price at $8.50.

More Options: limit sales dates, limit inventory (the amount of tickets you want to sell) and restrict the number of tickets that a patron can purchase per order. Set the Minimum at the number of tickets a group discount becomes available. In my case 10 = a group.

Report Grouping: This optional field can be used for any purpose you desire. 

Check-in: if you enable barcode tickets, patrons will receive their purchased tickets in an email.

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