How do I edit my ticket types?

On Ticketleap, you can add, delete or edit your ticket types even after you've created your event.

First, from the Event Home click the Details tab.

If your event has more than one date and time you need to select the date and time that you're editing. To do that click on the dropdown arrow next to currently selected date and time and select the date and time you'll be editing. Please Note, if your event has more than one date and time you need to edit the ticket type individually for each date and time that you would like to update. 


After you're on the correct date or if you only have one date for your event, find the ticket you'd like to edit, click Edit

Check out the column on the right that says Actions. Associated with each ticket are three boxes containing edit, a white X and a small box with three lines.

Edit is for editing ticket name, ticket details, ticket price, available sales dates, number of tickets available, minimum/maximum of tickets per order, and enabling/disabling the printing of barcode tickets. 

The white X icon is for deleting ticket types. This can only be done if there are no pending or completed sales associated with that ticket type. 

The box with three lines are for toggling your tickets to set them in a particular order on your event page. 

After clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the ticket type information in a new window.


Name: name your ticket type. 

More Info: enter a description of the ticket type.

Pricing: set your ticket price, allow buyers to set their ticket price or set the ticket to as "free."

Price: enter the dollar amount for your ticket.

More Options: limit sales dates, limit inventory (the amount of tickets you want to sell) and restrict the number of tickets that a patron can purchase per order.

Report Grouping: This optional field can be used for any purpose you desire. For example, you could store the G/L code for your ticket type here.

Check-In: if you set your ticket to Ticketed, buyers will have the option to download and print their tickets from their email. If you select Reservation only buyers will only get a receipt emailed to them and you will have to manually check in buyers using their names.

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