Ticketleap FastPay

With Ticketleap FastPay you receive funds from ticket sales before your event. 

If approved, you will receive payment at the beginning of each week for the previous week’s ticket sales. To get started, please create a Ticketleap account (it's free to create an account), then apply for FastPay. Applying includes providing Ticketleap with information about your event and organization. A Ticketleap team member will get back to you within three business days informing you if you have been approved for FastPay. Also be sure you have set up your payment processor as Ticketleap Payments. 

How often do payments go out? Ticketleap sends payments out weekly, at the end of the day on Monday, for ticket sales from the previous week through Saturday.

What’s the limit? Ticketleap Fast Pay limit is $50,000 USD before the event occurs.

How can I increase the total limit? Let’s talk. Click the help button in the bottom right corner and let us know what you need.

Where is this offered? Fast Pay is used with Ticketleap Payments, which is available in The United States and Canada.

Where does the money go? Ticketleap sends out money to the same account you have set up on your organization under the payment processing tab. 

Does Ticketleap send the total in ticket sales minus fees, or does some of my money get held back? We give you the ticket sales, minus the ticketing fees. The ticketing fees come off each ticket, not in a lump sum at the end (no surprise totals for you). There is no additional fee to set up Fast Pay. 

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