Why is there a charge from Ticketleap on my credit card?

What is Ticketleap? What did I buy from you?

Ticketleap is a Philadelphia-based online ticketing platform. Event organizers and venues use us to sell tickets to their events both online and onsite (at the door). If you purchased a ticket to an event recently, "TICKETLEAPTICKETS.COM" probably appeared on your credit card statement. That's us!

If you're not sure what event you purchased tickets for, use Find My Orders to look up your order history on Ticketleap. Type your email address in the box and you will receive an email with all the tickets you have ever purchased on Ticketleap associated with that email address. 

Did I get a bill or confirmation email?

Yes, when ticket purchases are completed, Ticketleap sends a confirmation email with the event information, details of the charges, and downloadable barcode tickets. To find this email in your inbox search for “Your Ticket” or “Ticketleap Orders.” The amount of your purchase should match the amount on your credit card statement.

Can I get a refund?

In order to receive a refund, you must contact the event organization. Each event organizer has their own refund and exchange policies. 

Can't find your confirmation email?

It's possible if the event used Ticketleap for onsite purchases you never received an email from Ticketleap detailing your purchase. 

If you cannot find your order through Find My Orders or by searching your email, please contact us at help@ticketleap.com or call us at 877.849.5327, between 9am to 5pm EST, Monday - Friday. We'd love to help you!

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