What is Upselling?

Show event goers your other events or products before they checkout. When using the Upsell feature, event goers will see a page before the checkout page that says "You might also like..." This gives event goers the opportunity to select other tickets, merchandise or products while they are already going though check out. 

Where are the Upsell options shown?

The upsells are shown after event goers add tickets to their cart.  

What is the difference between the two options, "List of Events" and "Tickets"?

The List of Events option below shows a list of the events and upcoming performances, similar to your organization page.

The Tickets
option below shows the tickets, description, and restrictions for a single event. This is ideally suited to be used for products where the date and location are not needed.

How do I set up the event(s) for the upsell page?

We use all of the fields when setting up the event so set them up appropriately. If you are using the "Tickets" option for a product, you may want to enter a date span that encompasses the event(s) you are adding it to. In addition, keep the description and restrictions very short.

Once the upsell event page is setup go to your original event's dashboard and click the Details tab. Then click the Upsell button. 

Select the List of Events or the Tickets option.

If you choose the Tickets option, then select the new event you just created and then click Save Changes

What happens if the upsell event(s) sell out or end?

To avoid misleading event goers, we won't show past dates or sold out events. You can always reenable upsells by adding more tickets or changing the dates, where appropriate.

Can I add more than one event to the "Ticket" screen?

At this time, you can only add one event or date to the "Tickets" upsell page. We recommend that you set up the upsell event such that it has all the tickets on a single date.

Can I hide the upsell event so that people only see it during checkout? 

Yes, just go to "Advanced Event Settings" in the Admin and hide it. The visibility setting is ignored on the upsell page.

I made a change to the upsell event but the upsell page hasn't reflected the changes. What should I do? 

Sit tight for 5 minutes. We cache the page so that it loads very quickly. The cache is updated every 5 minutes so the page will update at that time. 

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