How do I create a QR code for my event?

When a smart phone user scans a QR code, they are taken to a website, a special block of text or other data. Putting a QR code that leads to your event page on posters or flyers is a great way to promote your event and sell tickets. 

To create a QR code first go to a QR Code maker website. There are a number of free QR Code maker sites that you can use and you are free to use almost any QR Code maker site. If you're having trouble finding one, we recommend using QRCode Monkey's free QR generator. To have the QR Code link directly to your event page you'll want to use the URL option for the content type. You'll then want to take your event page URL or your subdomain URL and enter that into the URL section during the creation process.

Once you've generated the QR code you can copy/paste the code to use it on websites, flyers or anywhere else you'd like people to access the purchasing page by scanning the code.

Please note, the below screenshot is from QRCode Monkey's free QR generator.


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