How do I create a QR code for my event?

When a smart phone user scans a QR code, they are taken to a website, a special block of text or other data. Putting a QR code that leads to your event page on posters or flyers is a great way to promote your event and sell tickets. 

To create a QR code first go to Kaywa's QR Code maker website.

You get to choose from four different types of QR code generation:

      a. URL- attach a web address for QR code generation.

     b. Text- attach a written description for QR code.

     c. Phone Number- attach a phone number to QR code. 

     d. SMS- attach a text message to a QR code.

Once you have selected the content type and added the URL of your event page, click the Generate! tab and the QR code will load in the square space to the left. You can copy/paste the code to use immediately or save it to use later. Apply it wherever you'd like!

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