Pricing for $5 or below tickets

With Ticketleap, selling tickets online that are $5 and below has never been more affordable! There is a flat $0.49 fee for every ticket that is sold for $5 and under.

Important parameters 

1. You must absorb the $0.49 fee. You cannot pass on the fee to the buyer. That way, your customer pays a flat fee and you're paying a reasonable price to sell that ticket in advance. So if you're charging $5 per ticket you will make $4.51 per ticket.

2. Standard fees DO apply to any ticket prices above $5.  If the event has any ticket types on the same event that are greater than $5, standard pricing applies for that particular ticket type. Again, you will be responsible for all of the fees on the event.

3. Only available when using Ticketleap Payments for US accounts only. 

4. The $0.49 fee applies to ALL on site sales as well. This includes cash & check sales.

5. The $0.49 fee MUST be turned on.  This is not an automatic setting.  More info is below on how to do so.


To activate the $5 and below pricing

First log in to your account and go the event you would like to turn on $5 pricing for. Click the details tab and then go into Advanced Event Settings for the event.

From there, scroll down to the Pricing section and mark the check box for activation. Be sure to save the changes.  

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