How do I receive payment from my event?

If you use Ticketleap Payments, all payments are scheduled to process 3-5 business days after the event occurs, pursuant to our ticketing agreement.
  • If you signed up for direct deposit, it typically takes 4-6 business days for your payment to reach your bank account.
  • If you signed up to receive a check, it takes up to 7-10 business days for the envelope to reach your mailbox.

Apply to receive weekly payments through Ticketleap Payments (before your event happens). Click here to apply for Ticketleap FastPay.

If you use PayPal or, funds are deposited directly into your respective accounts as they occur. Read about all of the benefits of Ticketleap Payments compared to Paypal or
To set up your payment information, log into your Ticketleap account, click Settings, then click Payment Processing. 
*Please note: you DO NOT have to have your payment information setup to start selling tickets. You can sell tickets right away -- you just won't receive your funds from ticket sales until after your payment information is completed. 
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