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Ticketleap Payments is the easiest option for both you, the event creator and your ticket buyers. Fees are low, set-up is super fast, refunds are simple, and you can take credit cards for ticket sales at the door!

While you are more than welcome to use PayPal or Authorize.net, here is how Ticketleap Payments compares.

Credit card processing fees
Almost all payment solutions will charge a credit card processing fee. Ticketleap Payments applies a flat processing percentage fee (3% in the United States, 4.5% in Canada). Paypal and Authorize.net fees vary by account but in many cases, can exceed our flat percentage.

You can set up Ticketleap Payments in seconds. Set up for direct deposit is easy- we’ll just need your bank name, routing number, and account type and number. We'll issue a small test deposit into the account that you will then verify in your Ticketleap account. Checks are available for Canadian clients only.

Your ticket buyer’s experience
By using Ticketleap Payments, you ensure that your ticket buyers enjoy a seamless experience when purchasing online and onsite. PayPal redirects your buyers off site to a PayPal page and sometimes holds orders for review which results in ticket buyers not receiving their tickets immediately (this can be a problem if they are buying a ticket the day of the event). Additionally, PayPal and some Authorize.net accounts won’t support onsite credit card sales via Ticketleap mobile app. 

When will I get paid?

There are two options to receive payments for your event if you use Ticketleap Payments.

  • With direct deposit, you'll typically receive funds 4-7 business days after your event. Direct deposit is only available for US bank accounts.
  • Canadian clients will receive payment by check. You should receive it within 7-10 business days after your event, barring any Postal Service interruptions.
  • Ticketleap pays out in USD only
  • Event funds will be paid out AFTER the event.
  • With Ticketleap Payments you may be eligible to get funds from ticket sales before your event with Ticketleap FastPay. You must apply; class reunions are not eligible for FastPay.
  • These are typical payment schedules, in special cases funds may be held for additional days.

With PayPal and Authorize.net, the funds are deposited into your Paypal or Authorize.net account as sales take place.


Ticket Refunds are fast and easy
Refunds are completed right in the Ticketleap system and they only take a few clicks. Once a refund has been initiated, it will take a few business days for the funds to post to your patron's credit card. If you have been paid for your sales already, you will be invoiced.  Refunds will be issued once the invoice is paid in full.


*Please note: you DO NOT have to have your payment information setup to start selling tickets. You can sell tickets right away -- you just won't receive your funds from ticket sales until after your payment information is completed. 

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