How do I set up PayPal and autopay?

Before connecting your PayPal account please see here for important information on using PayPal as your merchant account.

To access the payment section, hover over the Settings Tab and select Payment Provider from the drop down menu. 

Next, check the PayPal bubble, enter your email address and click on Set up Autopay from the Payments page on Ticketleap. 


When you're redirected to PayPal you'll need to click the login option.


After logging into PayPal you'll need to click the Agree and Continue option.


If your PayPal was setup correctly and you completed the login process you'll see a green checkmark under the autopay Step 2. If you see a red error message then your account either does not have a verified bank account, you did not enter the email address exactly the same as your PayPal or you did not fully log into your PayPal account and you'll need to update your PayPal account or try logging in again.


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