How do I print tickets using iOS?

When selling tickets onsite at your event with an iOS device, you may want to print tickets for your event goers. You can print your tickets to a StarMicron thermal receipt printer or an AirPrint-enabled printer.

Please note, individual printing performance may vary based on device, operating software, network connection, hardware, the cables used to connect devices and other factors. As such, we cannot verify performance with every individual device & printer.

To get started first launch the app on your iOS device and log in to your account. Next, under the menu option tap Printer Options.

Please note, the following screenshots are from an iPhone, appearance and location of certain functions may vary depending on the device being used.

Turn on Print From Device and tap Printer Type to select either an AirPrint compatible printer or a StarMicron.

Select an available printer from the listing.

After you have selected a printer, you are all set to sell and print tickets! Printing tickets is at the end of the purchase process. After a ticket has been processed, tap the Print All tab to print tickets to the printer that you designated. 

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