How do I check an attendee in or out on my laptop?

The Ticketleap Box Office allows you to quickly scan in or out barcode tickets, all within the same system you used to sell tickets online. 

To get started hover over the Box Office tab and click Check-in Attendees.

Select the event you are checking in attendees for. 

If you have a USB bar code scanner, plug it into your laptop (please be sure to use a keyboard emulation scanner). Most scanners you can purchase anywhere will work, however since we have not tested each scanner individually we cannot verify individual performance. 

Now you can start scanning! Scanning the barcode on the barcode ticket will quickly validate tickets and check-in attendees. Tickets scanned more than once will appear invalid. If a patron presents a downloaded ticket on their smart phone, you can search for that ticket by typing in the confirmation code. There is no bar code to scan on a smart phone ticket.

If you have a ticket that has already been scanned in and you need to un-scan it, simply click the check box next to the attendees name. You will then be prompted by your browser to answer "Are you sure you want to unredeem this ticket?". Check yes or ok to un-scan the ticket.


If you don't have a USB scanner, don't worry. You can search by an attendee's first or last name (searching by last name only is recommended), confirmation code or email address. Once you find the correct name, click the check box to redeem the ticket.

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