How do I stop sales for an event?

If you are stopping ticket sales because you need to cancel your event, please remember to contact Ticketleap once you have stopped sales.

If you need to stop sales for a particular ticket type (i.e. Early Bird ticket) or set sales to stop at a specified date and time you can do so by editing the ticket type.

You can stop sales for an event with one date or stop sales for an event with multiple dates

Stop sales for an event with one date

From your Event Home, go to the Details tab. Under the Sales drop down menu, select the Stopped option.

You will see in your Dashboard that Sales are Stopped on All Dates. If you'd like to turn your sales back on, simply change the sales status back to Active.

Stop sales for an event with multiple dates

If your event has multiple dates and you need to stop ticket sales for all dates, click Advanced Event Settings under the event's Details tab and scroll down to Start/Stop Sales. Then click Stop Sales For All Dates. If you need to restart sales, click Start Sales For All Dates

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