How should I check tickets at the event? Which ticket options should I enable?

If you're selling tickets online (like with Ticketleap) then you probably want to make sure that people who show up to your event bought a ticket, right? There are multiple ways to do this, each with its own set of considerations. This article will help you identify the best way to check in event goers for your event.

If the majority of your attendees are apt to have smartphones, we recommend the Selfie Tickets option because it’s fast, friendly, and doesn’t require that you have any special hardware (or wireless access). To present a Selfie Ticket, the event goer must install the Ticketleap app (available for iOS and Android.) For those without smartphones, you can offer a backup options: either by also enabling barcode scanning or by simply checking them in by name.

Here is the full set of check-in options and the features/considerations for each:

How to enable the right check-in options

In your event admin view, click on Check in options.

Whichever option(s) you chose, you’ll be able to use the list options -- online list or paper list -- as your backup. You don’t have to enable anything to access those.

For example, if you want to use Selfie Tickets AND an online attendee list as your backup, then enable Selfie Tickets only and just remember to bring to the event a connected mobile device with the Ticketleap app installed so that you can use the attendee list within the app.

If you want to ONLY use paper list and/or online list…

You can set it up so that event goers won’t receive any form of ticket . At checkout, they’ll see a message informing them they won’t need to present a ticket at the event. Set this up at the ticket type level by clicking on the edit pencil:

Then setting the Check-in options to Reservation only - event goers will reserve a spot but will not present a ticket. All set!

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