What are my options to check in attendees at my event?

If you're selling tickets online (like with Ticketleap) then you probably want to make sure that people who show up to your event bought a ticket, right? There are multiple ways to do this, each with its own set of considerations. 


  • The recommended method is to scan tickets using the Ticketleap app either on a mobile device or a tablet. This is the fastest method and it allows buyers to bring their tickets on their phone or printed. You are able to use a personal device to scan tickets so if you already own a phone or tablet you can scan tickets at no added cost.
  • You may also scan tickets via a laptop though this method you to purchase a USB scanner and requires ticket buyers to print their tickets.

  • A third option is to check in attendees via a paper list by downloading your attendee list. If your event is using reserved seating you may also use the seat book to check in attendees. If you are going with this option it's recommend to edit your ticket type and change the Check-in option to Reservation Only.
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