How do I set up a Boca ticket printer to use on Ticketleap?

Ticketleap tickets are typically all digital; received by the event goer by email. However you may decide you would like to print hard tickets from a Boca System for your event. Ticket printing is designed to be self service, but we are always available to help at 877-849-5327 or 

First you need to enable Boca printing within Ticketleap. To set this up first hover over the Settings tab and click BOCA Tickets.



Then, check off the option that says Enable Boca Printing. Then click the Update Print Settings button. 

There are two ticket stock designs available:

The Original Layout:

And the New Layout (recommended):

While we do not have any stock for these tickets, the above are basic layouts for printing. By default you can only add 20 tickets to an order at a time. If you need to print more than 20 hard tickets go to Details under the event's dashboard and click Edit for the ticket type you are printing.

Under More Options click the box for Restrict number of tickets per order and set the maximum to 100. 

**We recommend purchasing no more than 100 tickets per order. This ensure stability in the program you will use when printing the tickets. If you need to print more than 100 hard tickets, you will need to do multiple orders until you reach your desired amount. For example, for 400 tickets you need 4 orders of 100 tickets. for 440 tickets you need 4 orders of 100 tickets and 1 order of 40 tickets.** 

Next you need to create a 100% off discount code. We recommend using a simple code like HardTickets as your code. 

Now it's time to purchase your tickets with the discount code. Hover over Box Office and click Ticket Sales. Select the event and ticket type you would like to print tickets for.

Once you are satisfied with the number of tickets you would like to print in your cart click Checkout

Here you will apply your 100% off discount code you created earlier. 

The total should drop to $0 and you can click Checkout.

Next, go to Orders under the Reports tab. Find the order you just completed (it's most likely the first one) and click the Order Confirmation Code.

Double check that this is the correct order. All of the tickets should say $0.00. Then click View Hard Tickets.

This will open another tab with all of your hard stock tickets appearing on the page. Be sure your Boca printer is set up to your computer and has ticket stock. Then click the Print icon and select your Boca printer to print to. Happy printing! 


Additional Boca Printer and Hard Ticket Stock Information


  • To obtain printer(s), contact Ticketleap's dedicated Boca sales agent listed below. Reference Ticketleap and you will receive a discount from list price and you will be setup with the right configuration.

  • We have tested and recommend the Lemur line from Boca Systems, however other Boca brand printers that print to a 5.5" wide by 1.975" high ticket may also work.

  • Boca printer drivers can be found at the Boca Systems website

  • When configuring your printer drivers, don't forget to set the paper size to 5.5" wide by 2.0" high.

Ticket Stock:

  • Tickets must be 5.5" wide by 1.975" high. If you decide to place perforations on your tickets, we recommend that you place them at 4.75" and/or 2.25" from the right side of the ticket. Make sure that the quality of the paper is appropriate for the printer DPI. 

  • To obtain ticket stock, we recommend contacting our dedicated Boca sales agent. You can also purchase ticket stock from Worldwide TicketCraft.

Dedicated Boca Systems Sales Agent:

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