Ticketleap Ticket Examples

There are four types of Ticketleap tickets available:

  1. Standard barcode ticket
  2. Selfie ticket
  3. Original ticket stock layout for Boca printers 
  4. New updated layout for Boca printers
Barcode Ticket (Letter 8.5" X 11")

Our fold-friendly Barcode Tickets make your event details super easy to read for both you and the event goer. Barcode tickets are available to download in PDF format directly after purchase, from either the event goer's purchase confirmation email or purchase confirmation webpage. 


Selfie Ticket

(click here to learn more about Selfie ticket)

Here are some things to know when checking Selfie Tickets at the door:

  • Every ticket to a given event will have the same color scheme and animations. Tickets to different events may look different (this helps you quickly distinguish whether the ticket is for your event).
  • Selfie Tickets show the name of the ticket holder, event name and date, ticket type, and seat (if applicable).
  • Event goers are encouraged to send tickets they bought for other people to those people, but if they don’t, they may need to present multiple Selfie Tickets from one device.
  • Once someone has created their selfie ticket, their ticket will be marked as redeemed and you will not be able to check them in by name or scanning with the Ticketleap app.

Original Layout (Boca 5.5" X 2")


New Layout (Boca 5.5" X 2")

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