How do I cancel an event?

Please note, this article is only intended for event organizers/ticket sellers that are cancelling their event. If you are a ticket buyer and you are looking for a refund for your order please go here.

First thing's first: stop ticket sales for your event, hide the event URL from public view and notify attendees that the event has been canceled. The best way to do this is through an email blast

Second: please contact our Customer Success team at If necessary, we will help process the necessary refunds.

The following is really important:

Please do not issue any refunds for a canceled event until you have contacted Ticketleap. We will determine if we have to refund order or if you can.

We want to make this process as smooth for your event organization as possible!

If you haven't processed any tickets to your event yet and would like to delete it you may do so by following these instructions. Please note though you can only delete an event if you never processed a ticket for the event.

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