How do I delete an event?

You can only delete an event if you never processed any tickets to it. If you have sold tickets to an event you can stop the sales and hide the event so tickets can't be purchased. 

If you need to cancel an event that has already had tickets sold or reserved, please contact us at after reading this article.

If you have an event with more than one date and you just want to delete one of the dates please click here.

To delete an event first select Events on the main dashboard. Then choose the event that you'd like to delete. 

Click the Details tab then click the Advanced Event Settings button.

At the bottom of the window that pops up you will see the option to Delete This Event. Click that and then hit Ok and the event will be deleted. image (4) copy 3.png


Deleting dates for an event with more than one date.

Click the Details tab then hit the dropdown arrow next to the date and click Edit Dates option.


From the next window find the date you want to delete and hit the X next to it then scroll down and hit Save Changes. Please note, you can only delete a date if there was never an order placed for it. If the X is greyed out then that means you can't delete that date and will need to stop sales on it instead.


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