Does Ticketleap have API access?

Public API

We have a REST-based API for developers. In this first iteration, we've provided read-only access to basic event information - by that, we mean publicly available info, like name, start and end times, and the location. Also included is a sample "widget" that can be included on web pages to list events and sell tickets to them.

Please note that the documentation and this API are intended to be used by software developers; the information found therein is heavily technical in nature. N00bs need not apply. 

To request your Public Ticketleap API key first login to your account and under My Account, select API Key


Private API

The Private API provides you with more sensitive information than the Public API. While the Public API is essentially an index of all the publicly available information on your Ticketleap site, that anyone with an API key can view, the Private API only lets you view information within your organization. It also lets you view information that is otherwise unavailable to the public like ticket buyer information and payment totals. As of right now the Private API is only available to work with Ticketleap's Zapier integration.

You can access your Private API key by first logging into your account, then hover over Settings and select Private API Key.

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