How do I create donations for my event?

If you are holding an event benefiting a charitable organization, Ticketleap makes it easy to collect donations. You can create a separate donations event and suggest donations through the Upsell feature or you can add a donation as a ticket type to a pre-existing event.

As a result, your ticket buyers can choose to add a donation to their purchase. The donation can be set as specific dollar amounts, or it can be open ended for ticket buyers to choose their giving amount! 

Please note that any ticketing and/or credit card processing fees you have set up to be paid by the ticket buyer will be applied to the donation. 
Set up a donation on a separate event (recommended)
By creating a separate event just for donations, you won't get donations and actual tickets mixed up, keeping your data nice and neat! 
First, create a new event and fill out the event form like you did for the original event. 
We suggest naming the new event your original event name followed by "Donations." For this example, my original event name is Rock n' Roll Concert so I named my donations event Rock n' Roll Concert Donations. For the description, I kept it simple and used "Donations for Rock n' Roll Concert." 
When you reach the ticket types section, we suggest naming the ticket type Donation. Then set the price as Set By Buyer which allow the ticket buyer to decided how much they would like to donate. 
Once you have input all of the event information for your donations, click Start Sales Now
Then, go back into your original event and under the details tab click Upsell
Select the option to show Tickets and then select the donations event you just created. Then click Save Changes
Now when your ticket buyers purchase a ticket they will be asked if they would like to make a donation. They will see a page like the one below before they get to the checkout page.
If they like, your ticket buyer can choose to add a donation to their order right then and there!
Set up a donation as a ticket type
After setting up your event, click the Details tab on your Event dashboard and then click Add a Ticket.

Give your donation ticket type a name, like Donation and set your pricing. You can establish a set donation amount or leave it open. By selecting Set By Buyer, attendees can make a monetary donation of any size they choose. 

Finally, click Add Ticket. Now your event goers can make a donation when they purchase tickets or register for your event. 


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