How do I track social media influence?

Using social media is a great way to spread the word about your event. Through Facebook posts and Tweets, event goers tell their friends and followers about the events they're going to. 

With Ticketleap Influence tracking, you can keep track of how many social interactions your events have and how these interactions generate page views and ticket sales. We keep track of the sales generated from event comments, Facebook "likes," plus social invitations and "I’m going!" event page wall posts. The influence trackers records the number of views, visitors, orders, tickets and ticket sales.

Click on Social Media Overall from the Reports tab.  


Our user influence function will also tell you which of your event attendees is best at spreading the word. (Perhaps they deserve a discount code, eh?)

To find out which attendee has the highest user influence rating, place your cursor over the Reports tab and select Social Media by Person.

You can track the number of views, visitors, order, tickets and the total sales for any particular user. 

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