How do I link my event with a seating chart?

With our reserved seating feature, you can further customize your events to meet your needs. Ticketleap was the first online ticketing company to offer this capability, enabling event organizers to design their venue space, build a seating chart and set different ticket prices all within its platform. Event goers can view your seating charts and select their seating preferences when purchasing tickets to your event. 

Before linking your event with a seating chart, please make sure that you have created your theater style chart or your reserved tables seating chart.

Please note: You cannot assign a seating chart if there are already orders completed for your event. If you have already have orders for your event and need to assign a seating chart please contact our support team at for assistance.

To get started assigning your seating chart, first click the Events Tab. Then, select the event you want to link your seating chart to by clicking the Manage option.

Next, click the Seating Chart tab.

Click the Seating Chart drop-down menu and select the seating chart you wish to assign to the event. After selecting the chart, click the Set Seating Chart button.

After connecting a seating chart to the event, you'll need to configure which ticket types can be used for the sections of the chart. Please note that if you have multiple ticket types for your event, they are listed under the performance date. 

To assign ticket types to each section, simply click on each section and the Available Ticket Type window will pop up. Select which ticket types you want per section. You can also set the ticket types so that buyers can use any ticket type for any seat within a particular section. This option can be enabled by checking theBuyers can use and ticket type for any seat option, highlighted in red in the picture below.

After setting the available ticket types per section, click the Save Changes button. The final step is to click Set Seating Chart button on the bottom of the page.

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