Important things to know about Reserved Seating

For a walkthrough on creating your chart go here for a theater style or here for a table style seating chart.

When creating a seating chart for your upcoming event, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding functionality:

  • When using an iOS device to sell tickets at your event, you cannot choose individual seats with the app (this includes standard and ADA seats). The seats will be assigned by "best available" in each section. 

  • Similarly, if your ticket buyer is using a mobile device or tablet the default setting of their mobile browser will not allow one to choose individual seats. The seats will be assigned by "best available" in each section. However, if they engage the Desktop version of the event page from your mobile browser's settings, the buyer may be able chose their own seats. Please note, this may not work for every buyer on every device and we cannot verify individual device and browser performance.
    • Below are screen shots from Safari and Chrome which highlights how to switch to the desktop version of the event page:

IMG_638BE476A584-1.jpeg IMG_CA9EEEF896A7-1.jpeg

  • Make sure you double check that your seating chart is completely accurate, as after the first sale is completed, you will not be able to make any further edits to the chart.  This includes adding more seats, rows, sections, or tables to a chart.  Once sales occur, the seating chart is "locked down."

  • When price mapping your seating chart, only a section can have multiple tickets types. You cannot assign ticket types by a single row or individual seat.
  • Always place a stage at the top of the seating chart. This helps give event goers the best perspective when choosing seats.
  • When building a section, the first row you build will be located closest to the stage. So closest to the top of the editing box. If you add the rows in reverse order the row furthest from the stage will be assigned as the best available tickets and the closest will be assigned the worst available. Screen_Shot_2022-11-14_at_12.56.01_PM.png
  • General admission and assigned seating cannot be combined. An event must either be general admission or assigned seating.

  • If you need to hold seats, do so at the event level, not the venue level. If you hold seats at the venue level, those seats will be held for every performance/date of your entire event. 

  • Do not add the word "Section" or "Row" to the names of your Sections and Rows respectively. It is not needed and cause display issues.
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