How do I add custom registration form questions to my events?

Customized registration form questions are a great way to find out more information about your event goers, such as their t-shirt size or dietary restrictions. 

From the Event Home Click Registration Questions.

You'll find two sections where you can ask questions to either the buyer or the attendees. Click Add a Buyer Question or Add an Attendee Question. Under Choose a Question you will find a list of commonly used questions which you can choose from, or you can create your own questions.

You can select different question forms (Answer Type), the choice to ask all attendees or just some attendees (Who to Ask) and the option to require answers for ticket purchases (in other words, no answer = no ticket). Click Add Question to add the question to your registration form. Repeat these steps for as many questions as you'd like to ask. 

You can view all of the answers to your registration questions by downloading the CSV version of the Attendee List for the event or by downloading the Data Export report. 

Note: registration question answers will not appear in the PDF version of the Attendee List, only in the CSV version. 

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