How do I create an attendee waitlist?

If your event is sold out (congratulations!) and you still have people interested in attending your event you can set up an attendee waitlist in case tickets open up. The attendee waitlist is done by creating a ticket type called "waitlist" and having it cost $0. 

First, select the Details tab from the Event Home and click Add A Ticket

From here, give your waitlist ticket a name, like "Waitlist." Give your waitlist ticket a description. We recommend letting people know the waitlist does not guarantee them a ticket and when they will be notified if tickets become available. Then set your price for Free and click Add Ticket

Here's how it will look on your event page:

If tickets become available, you should send an Email Blast to your waitlist, notifying them they have an opportunity to purchase tickets.

*please note, creating a Waitlist ticket type will not automatically give an available ticket to someone on the waitlist. The person on your waitlist will need to purchase the ticket. The waitlist is simply a way for you, the event organizer, to collect emails of potential event goers so you can notify them if tickets become available.*

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