What does event registration and ticket purchasing look like?

On Ticketleap there are two ways event goers can secure their spot for your event, by Registering for a free event or by purchasing tickets to an event. Once they complete either process they will be brought to a confirmation page where event goers can download and print tickets or send their tickets to someone else.

Registering for a Free Event

Event goers can register for your free event in just a few seconds by providing their name and email address. If you have questions you need event goers to answer (their job title, t-shirt size) you can do so by adding Registration Questions to your checkout form. 

After clicking the "Register" button, your event goer will be brought to their registration confirmation page where all of the registration information can be reviewed. 

Purchasing Tickets to an Event

We have made the ticket checkout process as quick as possible. Once your event goer selects the ticket(s) they want, they will be brought to the checkout page where they will fill out their name and email, credit card information and address. They will also have the opportunity to apply a discount code if you have one set up, and answer any Registration Questions you have. 

After clicking the "Checkout" button, your event goer will be brought to their order confirmation page where all of the order information can be reviewed. 

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