How do I update my refund policy?

You can easily communicate your refund policy for your event to your ticket buyers. 

First click the Events tab and then Manage for the event you'd like to update your refund policy for. 

If your event just went live, on your Event Dashboard you will see a message to Update your refund policy. This will show you which refund policy is being displayed on your event page. If you would like to modify your refund policy click Change

You will be brought to the event's Details tab. Scroll down to Refund Policy. You will see the option to change your policy to "Accept Refunds" or "No Refunds."

If you choose to Accept Refunds you can add more information to your refund policy by clicking add more info. Once satisfied with your refund policy click Save Changes. Please note, the default message for Accept Refunds is "Please contact [your organization name] to request a refund."

On your event page your refund policy can be viewed below your list of tickets. 


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