How do I print hard stock tickets?

Ticketleap tickets are typically all digital; received by the event goer by email. However, if you’d like to print hard stock tickets using a hard stock ticket printing company (we recommend using you can absolutely do so.

After you create your event on Ticketleap you can get started creating your hard stock tickets. You'll do so by using the Box Office feature to place an order for the number of tickets you'd like to print. 

First, by default you can only add 20 tickets to an order at a time. If you need to print more than 20 hard tickets, go to Details under the event's dashboard and click Edit for the ticket type you are printing.

Under More Options click the box for Restrict number of tickets per order and set the maximum to the number of hard tickets you plan on printing (this will make the checkout process much easier on you!). 

Next, you need to create a 100% off discount code. We recommend using a simple code like HardTickets as your code. 

Next, it's time to purchase your ticket with the discount code. Hover over Box Office and click Ticket Sales. Select the event and ticket type you would like to print tickets for.

Once you are satisfied with the number of tickets you would like to print in your cart click Checkout

Here you will apply your 100% off discount code you created earlier. 

The total should drop to $0 and you can click Checkout.

Next, hover over the Reports tab and click Data Export. Select the event you just purchased tickets for. You can also edit the date range to the day you purchased tickets through the Box Office. This will help narrow down the report so you won't see as many tickets that were bought online through Ticketleap. Then click Export And Send Data. You will receive an email with the data export attached. 

Next, open the Data Export from your email. This will open as an Excel file. You only want to view the tickets you plan on printing hard tickets for so delete the rows for the tickets purchased through your Ticketleap event page (the tickets that you didn't just purchase in the Box Office).

Column A, the Confirmation Code on the Excel document, is the most important piece of information. This is what you will be telling the ticket printing company to use for your hard stock tickets. 

Instructions to give the ticket printing company:

From the Data Export report, take the Confirmation Codes and input the following format: - in red is the unique Confirmation Code found in Column A of the report. Please note, the back slash (/) at the end of the URL is vital.

What this link does is takes the Confirmation Code and creates a QR code to print on the ticket. Each QR code will be unique and will be what you scan to redeem the ticket. 

And that's it! You will work with the hard stock ticketing company to create a design that suites you and your event. Just be sure the give them the Data Export with the instructions for creating QR codes using the Ticketleap Confirmation Codes. 

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